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Know your workwear:

The most popular Polycotton Conti Suit consists of 80/20 Polycotton, which is the equivalent of 80% Polyester and 20% Cotton or 65/35 Polycotton, which is the equivalent of 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton. Our Trade Conti Suits are made from 80/20 Polycotton and our Site Premium Jacket and Pants are made from 65/35 Polycotton.

The D59 Flame Retardant and Acid Resistant garment is made from a 100% Cotton SABS approved fabric, chemically treated with flame retardant properties that last the life of the garment. The garment is also treated with acid resistant chemicals.

This Conti Suit has been chemically treated with flame retardants and can be worn in high temperature environments, however it is NOT a fire protection suit and is not fireproof.

These garments are chemically treated to resist the corrosive effects of acid and alkalis.

Polyester fabric is a synthetic material made from the polymerisation of petroleum – derived ethylene glycol and purified terephthalic acid, which melt down to produce polyethylene terephthalic {PET}. These are chemically treated before being weaved together to create Polyester fabric, which makes the garment highly flammable.

A Conti Suit is always ordered by the jacket size. A size 38 Conti Suit includes a jacket with a 38 chest size and pants with a 34 waist size. The jacket is always 2 sizes up from the pants.

This garment has been submitted and has successfully attained the SABS approved mark. These products comply with the highest standards and specifications, are safe for use and meet the necessary quality requirements. These garments also have a specific cut and fit.

This is a SABS approved stainless steel zip. These zips are exceptionally durable and are also used on high-end fashion garments.

We should allow for a 5% shrinkage tolerance.

Following the wash care instructions specific to the garment helps to ensure garments last longer and perform optimally.

Safety shoes in the workplace:

They are durable and offer additional traction and arch support when working long hours on hard surfaces such as concrete, which can lead to fatigue of the muscles in the feet, legs and back. They also offer protection against hazardous working conditions such as an environment where workers carry heavy materials or operate heavy machinery or vehicles. Protective safety shoes with a steel toe cap can prevent injuries to the feet caused by heavy falling and flying objects.

It is lightweight, oil resistant, shock absorbent and has a lower density than other soles. A Polyurethane sole offers high elasticity for enhanced foot comfort and provides great resistance to daily wear and tear.

This confirms that the item has been tested and certified by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) to meet the requirements for basic toe protection and slip resistance in safety footwear.

The footwear has been reinforced with a steel toe cap and offers protection against foot related injuries in hazardous working environments.

Unfortunately, a PU sole can’t withstand wet muddy areas as this could cause hydrolysis (the chemical breakdown of a compound due to reaction with water) which will cause the sole to crumble.

Leather uppers don’t take well to muddy areas, as the mud will cause the leather to harden. A Gumboot will be a better option for use in these conditions.

This Gumboot would be worn mostly for general purpose outdoor use in wet and muddy conditions. These Gumboots would be well-suited in the Agricultural, Produce and Farming sectors.

These Gumboots are manufactured from an easy to clean PVC which resists the penetration of blood, fat and oil. The slip resistant soles ensure additional safety in wet conditions.

These Gumboots would be suitable to wear in Butcheries, Food Processing Plants and Bakeries.


High-Visibility Workwear is brightly coloured and reflects light so that the person wearing the garment can be seen easily in high-risk environments.

The yellow or orange fabric used on the reflective tape is fluorescent and this makes the wearer more visible during the day. The silver fabric used on the reflective tape is retroreflective making the wearer more visible at night or during low light conditions. This section of the tape reflects the light from motorists’ headlights back towards the driver.

No, it only illuminates and reflects the light it is exposed to in a dark environment i.e. lights of a vehicle.

This is a garment made from retroreflective materials. These are intended to provide visibility in low daylight conditions or in the dark when illuminated by the headlights of vehicles and mechanised equipment. The colours of these vests are of high contrast to the background colours and are distinct. The distinct characteristic of the vest ensures quick detection making the wearer more visible. Our Direction Safety Vests are classed as EN4, which meets the European standard for high-visibility clothing specifications.

According to worldwide standards fluorescent yellow or lime green, which have a minimum luminance factor (brightness) of 70% are the best high-visibility colours, closely followed by fluorescent orange, which is globally recognised as a hazard identifier.

The human eye responds best to large, contrasting, bright or moving objects. The visibility of a worker is enhanced by the high colour contrast between their clothing and working environment.

We use a 50mm Hi-Viz yellow/silver or orange/silver reflective tape.

Mining, Construction, Transportation, Gas and Petroleum industries.


Wearing the right clothing helps with productivity where workers are exposed to very cold, harsh weather conditions. Keeping your body warm can also help prevent hypothermia.

A Single-Lined and Double-Lined Jacket or Pants refers to the amount of padding and protection the Jacket contains. A Single-Lined Freezer Jacket contains 180gsm of padding and a Double-Lined Freezer Jacket contains 250gsm of padding.

A Single-Lined Freezer Jacket can withstand temperatures as low as -5° Celsius.

A Double-Lined Freezer Jacket or Pants can withstand temperatures as low as -15° Celsius.

A rubberised Rainsuit comprises of PVC and Polyester materials. A rubberised rainwear material is much more durable than a 100% PVC material.

A waterproof garment offers the highest level of protection against rain, which means it provides a complete barrier to water. A water resistant garment can only withstand a certain amount of rain before it will seep into the garment.

Yes, all seams have been taped and heat sealed which prevents water from seeping in.


The Double-Breasted Jacket is used to add protection to the chest and stomach area from burns and splashing liquids. There are two rows of buttons so that the chef can cook with the second row of the jacket buttoned up and when meeting clients or customers the chef can button up the first row to hide stains made while cooking.

The most important design aspect of a chef’s jacket is to keep the wearer safe. Altitude Chefwear is made from high-quality Cotton fabrics which are fire resistant. This acts as an effective shield against some of the dangers inherent in a fast-paced kitchen environment.


All exchanges of unbranded items can be done at our shop in Randburg within 14 Days of purchasing. If you cannot return the item in person, please send it via Courier at your own cost or arrange with us for our courier to collect it at your cost.

Exchanges out of Store:

In short: We will arrange a courier to pick up the item AND resend it for the updated size for a fee of R99 to main centres and R199 to any outskirt area’s. We would love to do this for free in the future, but as a local small business, it is not feasible yet as we are absorbing half the cost from the couriers already. All discounted items, sale or Black Friday items or Giveaway items cannot be returned or exchanged.

There is a minimum branding charge of R300 for less than 5 Items with a once off setup cost.

If an item is to be returned you need to have all the original packing, labels, all items must be clean, unworn, unwashed & unused. Returns need to happen with in 14 days of purchase. Regarding returns, you will be credited with the amount of the returned item in the form of a Simon Workwear Gift voucher. (No returns/credit on the shipping costs). Any transaction processed on a debit card can only be refunded through a gift card. Please note because of the nature of some products, we do not offer refunds or exchanges on underwear, or swimwear where the hygiene seal is not intact. There are 3 ways to return items to us: 

  • Free return to any one of our stores.
  • Via your Courier at your own cost.
  • Via our courier at your own cost .

Once you've sent your return, please allow up to 14-21 days for your return and refund to be processed during this busy period. You'll receive an email confirming that your refund has been processed.