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DROMEX Full Body Harness with Scaffold Hooks

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The Dromex® DFA-PN10-PS full body harness, is an essential and mandatory piece of safety equipment when working at heights as it protects a user from accidents and injury resulting from a fall. Features: • High visibility webbing. • Light weight construction. • One dorsal attachment D-ring for fall arrest. • The choice of attaching either an energy absorbing lanyard with scaffold hooks or a retractable lanyard as a fall arrest system. • Adjustable chest and leg straps. • Ideally positioned sit strap for extended comfort. • 2 Webbed Lanyard Keeper loops on chest strap for holding lanyard hooks for placement of free lanyards. • An ID (impact distribution) plate to absorb load and is a visual indicator confirming that the harness has been exposed to a fall or impact forces and should be removed from service. • A universal fit. This harness has a maximum rated load of 140Kg. Suitable for use when working at heights in the construction (scaffolding, high rope access), ship building, mining, warehousing and general maintenance industries (window cleaning, painting).

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