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Gumboots Dromex Mighty Nite

R 190.00




Introducing the Gumboots Dromex Mighty Nite, a pair of knee-length PVC/Nitrile gumboots that offer exceptional features and benefits. These gumboots have been designed with durability and comfort in mind, making them the perfect choice for a wide range of applications. The Gumboots Dromex Mighty Nite is not only resistant to bacterial growth, but it is also hygienic and lightweight, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the day. Its slip-resistant outsole provides excellent traction on both ceramic tile floors with NaLS and steel floors with glycerine^c, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring safety even in slippery conditions. Featuring an energy-absorbing heel, these gumboots provide superior cushioning and support, minimizing fatigue and discomfort during long hours of wear. The anti-static properties of the boots also reduce the likelihood of electrostatic discharges, further enhancing safety. Additionally, the Gumboots Dromex Mighty Nite boasts an oil-resistant and cleated outsole, which adds extra grip and traction on slippery surfaces, preventing slips and falls. The wide toe region guarantees all-day comfort, allowing the wearer to move freely without any discomfort. For added protection, these gumboots are reinforced with shin and ankle protection, ensuring superior impact resistance. Moreover, they feature an easy-to-pull-off tab construction, allowing for effortless removal, saving time and effort for the wearer. In summary, the Gumboots Dromex Mighty Nite is a reliable and high-quality footwear option for those seeking durable, comfortable, and safe gumboots. Invest in these gumboots today and experience the unbeatable combination of performance and comfort.

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