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Gumboots DROMEX Steel Toe Cap & Midsole SPARTICUS

R 310.01




The Gumboot DROMEX Steel Toe Cap & Midsole is a highly durable and reliable footwear option for individuals working in demanding industries. Designed to provide maximum safety and comfort, this product offers a range of essential features. With its slip-resistant outsole, the Gumboot DROMEX ensures stability and traction on various surfaces, including ceramic tile floors with NaLS and steel floors with glycerine. This greatly reduces the risk of accidents and falls in slippery conditions. The stainless-steel midsole of this boot offers exceptional penetration resistance, protecting the wearer from sharp objects and hazards on the ground. Furthermore, the impact-resistant steel toe cap can withstand up to 200 ± 4 J of force, ensuring optimal protection for the toes. In addition to its protective features, this Gumboot also provides basic light chemical spray and splash protection. It has been thoroughly tested to withstand acetic acid at a concentration of 99± 1%, meeting the standards outlined in EN 13832-3:2006. To provide enhanced safety, the boot has re-enforced protection for the shin, ankle, heel, and toe areas. It also features an energy-absorbing heel, reducing the impact of each step and offering increased comfort during long periods of wear. This boot is anti-static, meaning it significantly reduces the chance of electrostatic discharges, ensuring a safer working environment. The cleated outsole further improves traction on slippery surfaces, providing additional stability and preventing slips. Lastly, the Gumboot DROMEX has a broad fitting toe region, ensuring a comfortable fit for both men and women over extended periods of time.

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