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Barron2-3 Day lead time

Pioneer Cutmaster Puralite Glove

R 88.53




  • Printed logo 'Pioneer cut master' on back of palm
  • Dual grey tone
  • PVC
  • Glove provides comfort and flexibility. Easy to wear and offers a ‘cool feeling’. The polyurethane coating gives the gloves flexibility and perfect fit.
  • The glove has a secure grip on dry to slightly oily pieces for sure handling in a wide range of environments. Cut resistance Level5 provides the glove safe handling sharp pieces.
  • Ideal Applications - Assembling metal parts & components • Automotive • Glass Manufacturing • Handling of sharp objects, cutting of small dry or lightly oiled parts & maintenance. • Plastics injection & moulding
  • If stock on hand does not meet your order requirement, please contact your sales person to place an order for you. Lead time 24h

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